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 Animal-abuse kids will work to stop cruelty
three Andover teens accused of killing and torturing animals at Camp Evergreen in May
(posted:10/7/05, 3:11:37 PM)

Counseling, classes about Anti-Semitism and 120 hours of community service at a local animal shelter are part of a two-year probation sentence for three Andover teens accused of killing and torturing animals at Camp Evergreen in May. Judge Mark Newman found all three boys, ages 13, 14 and 15, delinquent on charges of vandalism and animal cruelty in Lawrence District Juvenile Court on Tuesday. The judge made his decision after viewing about two and a half hours of video footage shot by the teens themselves as they engaged in a vandalism spree at the Jenkins Road day camp. Several veteran police officers described theirs to be the worst animal cruelty case they had ever seen. For the judge to find the teens delinquent, he had to find that the boys committed the acts beyond a reasonable doubt - the same burden of proof that applies in adult criminal trials. DETAILS - CLICK HERE

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